Debbie Rybka Howard
Coldwell Banker Realty

Simply The best Of The Best

Debbie is simply the best of the best. She’s an old fashioned good mannered, highly principled and deeply kind person. If you’re looking for someone who is sincere, well educated in current real estate rules and practices, who takes the time to understand your situation (downsizing, pregnant and need more bedrooms, newly divorced;) and who has a network of contractors, inspectors, lawyers, bankers, painters, plumbers that trust and listen to her advice; then call her first. With her I’ve sold two homes and bought two homes. Truth be told, selling your home is difficult and finding a home is difficult. But it is at certain heightened stressed touch points (eg. 1 week before your open house, weekend of incoming bids, lawyer contract details, time between inspections and final walk through) where Debbie’s superb skill set really shines bright. At these times, you know that your home, and your upcoming entire life style change, are in the hands of a high end professional. If you want a realtor to tell you what you want to hear, that your house is worth more than it is, that your house doesn’t need any repairs, that the entire process will be quick and painless and you’ll get 3 times the price for your house than when you bought it – then let a website pick a local realtor for you. She started out as my realtor and wound up being a good friend that I truly trust. Coldwell Banker has chosen her to train a team of realtors – because she is simply the best of the best. P.S. She grew up in the Maplewood/South Orange neighborhood!  


Linda B.